05 WhatsApp Features, Tips, and Techniques

05 WhatsApp Features, Tips and Techniques

05 Whatsapp Feature,Tips and Technique Detail :  Active users who are regularly exchanging messages and using voice calls to communicate. The texting service is totally free to use, and Facebook bought the firm. The phone number-based messaging tool WhatsApp was initially made available by its creators for straightforward communication; nevertheless, it quickly went viral online. The developers of WhatsApp are continually adding new features thanks to the app’s popularity.

On WhatsApp, the features are slowly becoming available, compared to other well-known apps that already have many of them. Although users can argue that other apps were already ahead of WhatsApp, a delayed rollout favours WhatsApp. First, users have ample opportunity to become familiar with and utilise each function when it is made available. If all the features are already present, you might not recall half of them when using them. Finally, only after extensive testing for performance, data saving, and efficiency is any feature released functionality available. Other than chatting capabilities, WhatsApp has a number of customizations and tricks that you can use. To help users become WhatsApp jockeys, we’ve compiled nearly all 05 of WhatsApp’s features, hints, and tips.


1. Convey a single message to several recipients at once.

It is feasible to simultaneously broadcast a single message to numerous recipients. Simply pick “New broadcast” from the menu by clicking on the three-dot ellipse. By including the contacts in the recipient list, you will have the option to send the same message to many recipients. Select the names from your contact list by clicking the plus symbol (+) on the right.

2. Text formatting

Now, you may send messages that are bold, italicised, or strikethrough. To acquire the formatting you want, just use the special characters before and after the words. Use an asterisk to make something bold (*hello*), an underscore to make italics (_hello_), and a tilde to make something strikethrough (hello).


3. Determine who you frequently chat with.

Simply navigating through the conversation screen will reveal whom you are conversing with excessively on WhatsApp. However, it will be challenging to quickly determine if you have deleted the messages or if there are too many. To do this, go to settings and select “Settings,” “Account,” and “Storage Usage.” If you tap anyone on this list of people you are now speaking with, you can learn how much data you have sent or received overall. You can probably now determine who your best friend is. Only the iPhone is capable of using this feature.

4. When using WhatsApp on mobile networks, conserve data.

Selecting what you wish to automatically download allows you to limit your data usage if you’re abroad or using a slow or expensive broadband network. You can opt to selectively download video, photo or audio when you are travelling. To lessen the amount of data consumed during a WhatsApp call, you can also select “Low data consumption.”

5. Mute groups and chats

You can simply mute the group or contact to cease alerting you if it sends out excessive amounts of messages or if a buddy sends you excessive amounts of unwanted messages. You can decide whether to silence the notification or the audio alarm. The messages will arrive, but you won’t see them until you open WhatsApp. Choose the “mute” option from the menu after selecting the contact or group.

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