Can cell phones be educational tools?




Cell phones play a positive as well as negative role in our day-to-day life. Other than the positive aspects, it has many negative aspects too. Cell phones can be used for business purposes, communication, and most importantly, for educational purposes. In a student’s life, cell phones can play a very huge role if used positively. Now the question is, how? How is a cell phone beneficial to a student?


There can be many situations where educational institutes have to be closed. For example, when the COVID-19 pandemic took over the world, people ought to stay at home. Throughout the pandemic, online classes were arranged for students which proved to be a huge help to the educational system.


Nevertheless, the internet has highly advanced in the modern era. Students can seek the help of the internet and search for relevant study material, answer their queries, and vice versa. For all this, students will need a cell phone that has a proper internet connection.


Moreover, cell phones are a vital source of worldwide communication. Students can refer to cell phones and contact their teachers anytime they are in of need help.


All in all, cell phones prove to be an important help for educational needs. If used properly, cell phones can be a greater advantage to the students’ community and assist them to be the best of all in their surroundings.

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