Do photoshopped images MAKE YOU feel bad about your OWN looks?

Do photoshopped images MAKE YOU feel bad about your OWN looks?



People go for the Photoshop option to gape their pictures. This might be a good option for some people to be their fake selves. But quite to be honest, photoshopped images are nothing but a bunch of insecurity that people refer to just because they do not feel good about their natural selves. They make an individual question how God has created them, question why they look that way, and question why they aren’t like the other person around them.


Photoshopped images can lower the self-esteem of an individual who used to be a confident person in the past. Many people in our society once used to love what they looked like. But as time passed by and they got to know the Photoshop option, they tend to refer to that due to the reason that their self-esteem lowered and they started feeling bad over how they look like.


Furthermore, photoshopped images tend to create insecurity. Insecurity in a way that they can’t stand their looks. They compare themselves to the models’ images and feel insecure and bad about their selves.


Moreover, photoshopped images hurt mental and physical health because people feel anxious and self-hatred which has a bad impact on their overall health.


To conclude, photoshopped images have a bad impact on human beings and make them feel bad about their looks, lowering their self-esteem and, making them question how God has created them.

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