The Misuse of Mobile Phone and How it is Impacting Our Lives

In the era of development and advancement in technology, the mobile phone, also known as the minicomputer, plays a significant role in our daily life. Other than being used positively, mobile phone is also negatively used by us in our day-to-day life. Its misuse can be in many forms. This very mobile phone that brings us into close contact with the people around us, improves our relationships, and vice versa, also takes us far away from the people around us, creates mishaps in our relationships, and vice versa. Following are some of the common examples that perfectly define the topic of our today’s essay;



The most common way the mobile phone is used negatively is that we made them a cause of our distraction. The purpose of the creation of the mobile phone was that it ought to be used in the time of need for fulfilling our tasks. But we started using it in an exploited way.

Suppose student A is sitting in class and has his/her phone by their side. Then instead of focusing on the class, student A starts playing games on his/her phone, checking social media, browsing the internet, and many more distracting things rather than focusing on the lesson.



People use their mobile phones to take photos or record their videos. But other than this, some people also use their phones to take pictures or record videos of others without their consent.

Furthermore, there can be times when people take photos of themselves but some other people can be recorded in the background as well. All of this is a violation of the privacy of others and can be a source of discomfort to them.

People also share sensitive information on the internet, making others uncomfortable as they feel it violates their privacy.



The mobile phone makes it easy for people to share and reach inappropriate content on the internet. This content may include pornography, offensive texts or images, violence, blogs or content that promotes racism, potentially illegal activity, and many more. This sort of content can be sensitive to some people as it’s a well-known fact that not everybody can be the same.

This sort of content is usually directed at adults but as we know that internet is an open source to everybody, it can be accessed by a sensitive person, supposedly, a child, which might lead to unlawful behaviour of the specie.



With the advancement in technology, many social media applications have been introduced that help individuals to stay in contact with one another. People usually share their personal information openly on the internet. This personal information can include sharing home addresses, phone numbers, credit card details, images, etc which can put them in a dangerous situation at the risk of identity theft, fraud, or shenanigans.

Hackers usually use this information to trick such people into doing what they want, which can be a big loss to the one who has shared his/her private information on the internet, openly accessed by the whole world.



With the common use of social media, cyberbullying has become pretty common. Individuals using social media or messaging applications are harassed easily, intimidated, or effortlessly humiliated.



Social media platforms create a distorted perception of reality that can be a cause of depression, anxiety, or any other mental hitch for others. Not everything shared on the internet is true and people usually use the perfect imagery to be a part shown to others keeping the reality hidden. This disrupted representation of reality causes others to feel low, as a result, lowering their confidence and making them think inferior of themselves in comparison to the others around them.



Social media applications have made it easy for individuals to be stalked and harassed openly. Mobile phones can be used to track and monitor anybody very easily, data can be hacked and easily spread anywhere. This can be a source of agitation for someone who has suffered trauma or anything like that.


To conclude, mobile phones can be used in a better way, but many people in our society are misusing them, which has created negative imagery in some people’s minds regarding mobile phones.

We can overcome all these hurdles if we responsibly use mobile phones by setting a time limit for ourselves, practicing good hygiene, being mindful of what we do on social media, and considering its potential impact on us and others around us.

We should also make others aware of its negative impacts to protect ourselves and our loved ones around us from the harm caused by the misuse of mobile phones.


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