Top 5 Best Whatsapp Tracker Apps

Whatsapp might be one of the best ways to stay in touch with your loved ones, but you need to maintain constant web connections with it. If you’re a parent, you probably want to use a spy app to monitor your child’s WhatsApp usage. There are many options if you’re looking for the best, most covert app that can track WhatsApp messages.

These are the top 5 WhatsApp online tracker apps if you find yourself in either of these circumstances. You can easily monitor anyone’s online activity using these apps. You will be taught accordingly and be able to communicate with your friend or child easily when they are online.

1. WhatsApp tracker WAStat

If you do, you might find the WaStat app useful for your needs. Graphs showing the measurements over the previous 30 days will also be available. In the event that Wasap online is last seen, WaStat is the most trustworthy right hand.


Show when you were last online
Display up to 10 profiles.
sending you notifications whenever someone logs on
Support you as soon as possible

2. Online Whatsapp Tracker Wefollow

Parents can use the service Wefollow. Give your child or spouse’s online and disconnected statuses over the phone. Monitor your child’s online activity. Sleeping? Or was it that you weren’t getting enough sleep? All you require to know is in this.

It enables you to keep tabs on your online and disconnected statuses and receive notifications about them.


Obtain track notifications online
Inform Offline Track Users of Changes to the Track
Analysis of Monitoring and Usage
Monitoring Specific Activities
Monitoring Multiple Numbers (up up to five numbers)
Live Support for Historical Track Log


There is no background app running.
reduces battery consumption.
works with all Android mobile devices and tablets.

3. Chat Log

Any number can be tracked, and you can get alerts and thorough reports!

Keep track of online notifications for offline and online last seen status
Detailed Reports

4. WisTracker Online Last Seen Tracker for Families 7/24 Coverage Free Trial

Use WhatsTrack to keep tabs on your friends’ and family members’ online workouts.

You can start using Whatstrack and receive moment-by-moment notifications about exercises after entering the number you want to track every online movement on. Use the highlights of our online movement tracking by downloading our app for free. Check the last seen report and daily Whatsapp usage as well.


pp for free to use the highlights of our online movement tracking. Check the last seen report and daily Whatsapp usage as well.
Five. WA Family

You can track the number you’ve named and included in the programme thanks to this app, which was made in an easy and logical way. The online tracking tool has a straightforward user interface, is on the right side of your device, and has a number of benefits.

There is no requirement to start a record in WA Family. Family WA,

1–25 additional phone numbers

quickly find the last seen

After adding a phone number, you can give it a moniker or other designation.



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