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Saturday , March 2 2024

Dubai Metro Jobs || Free Apply || High Salary

Dubai Metro History:

Opening Date: The Dubai Metro is a rapid transit system that began operations on September 9, 2009. It is the first urban train network in the Arabian Peninsula and the longest automated driverless system in the world.


  1. Red Line: The first phase, the Red Line, was opened in 2009. It runs from Al Rashidiya to Jebel Ali, with a total length of approximately 52.1 kilometers.
  2. Green Line: The second phase, the Green Line, opened in 2011. It connects Al Qusais to Creek and extends further to the Etisalat Station.
  3. Route 2020: In 2020, an extension known as “Route 2020” was added, connecting the Red Line to Expo 2020.
Dubai Metro Jobs
Dubai Metro Jobs


  • The Dubai Metro is known for its modern, driverless trains and stations.
  • It has played a crucial role in enhancing public transportation in Dubai, reducing traffic congestion, and promoting sustainability.


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